Capulet Trading is a reliable wholesale bulk supplier and sourcing agent for Groundnuts in Ghana.

A legume crop grown mainly for its edible seeds, the Groundnut (Arachis hypogaea) also know as the peanut, goober (US) or monkey nut (UK), is a major crop grown in the Northern, Upper West and East regions of Ghana.

Typically it is either grown for its nut, oil or vegetable residue (haulms). Groundnuts play an important dietary role in a number of West African countries, especially Ghana, where they provide a rich source of edible oil (50%) and protein (25-28%) as well as carbohydrate (20%). This makes the Groundnut an important crop for nutrition and food security for humans and in some cases animals too.

Capulet Trading is able to supply good quality Groundnuts from Ghana Globally with the following specifications:

Moisture: 7% Max
Admixture: 0.2% Max
FFA: 1% Max
Discolour Nuts: 0.5% Max
Splits: 2% Max
Aflatoxin: B1 less than 2PPB
Total B1 + B2 + G1 + G2: less than 8PPB
Damaged Nuts: 0.5% Max
Packaging: Buyers Request

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