Raw Cashew

Capulet Trading is a reliable wholesale bulk supplier and sourcing agent for Raw Cashew Nuts (RCN) in Ghana.

Due to our long standing relationships within many farming communities in Ghana we are well placed to source large quantities of Raw Cashew Nuts. With our careful selection process and rigorous testing methods, our team of experienced quality control professionals ensure that only the highest premium grade Raw Cashew Nuts are offered to our global partners.

With many years of experience in sourcing and exporting agricultural products in West Africa, we are able to offer the complete supply package to our clients and partners. From procurement to transport, storage, shipment and documentation, our capabilities span the complete supply chain. Thus clients and partners need only to place an order and leave the rest up to us.

Known for its high quality, Ghana boasts a very healthy and competitive export market for Cashew which sometimes leads to a lack of traceability and compromising of ethics.

Capulet trading sources its Cashew ethically and is engaged in various community initiatives to support and enhance the lives of those within the regions that our nuts are sourced. So you can rest assured that any Nuts you purchase from us are not just high quality but also have a positive effect on the community.

Raw Cashew Nuts Specification

Out Turn: 45-52
Nut Count: 200 (Max)
Moisture: Below 10%
Defective Nuts: 8-12%

(Packed in 80kg Jute Bags)

Due to the delicate nature of the RCN market, Capulet Trading only makes shipments that have been inspected by the buyers’ authorised representative or SGS Ghana. This precaution is to ensure quality meets with our clients’ required specification.

Get in touch with our Cashew Team: Cashew@Capulettrading.com