Capulet Trading is a multi-functional company that provides international customers the opportunity to buy quality African Timber directly from the source.

With 15 years of experience in exporting square logs to South East Asia from across West Africa, the team at Capulet has created a platform that allows its high quality timber to be distributed across global markets.

Capulet sources logs directly from the forests in Ghana, which are then transported to our factories and processed to the desired specification of our international clients and partners.

Although we source and process various species of wood the main focus species at Capulet has been Doussie wood (Afzelia Spp.). This is typically cut into square logs or into specific lumber form.

Our processed Doussie is exported to South East Asia for use in making traditional furniture, along with doors, flooring, joinery and construction. Our product is also exported to Europe for similar uses with our clients typically producing exotic wood flooring and window frames. In general due to our ability to be flexible with specifications, our product can be used for whatever you require. An example of this would be a number of our clients using our product to construct anything from boats to musical instruments.

With over 5000 containers exported from Africa over the last 10 years Capulet Trading has the experience to satisfy any requirements of its clients and partners.

Whether you want 10 x containers per month or just a one off 1 x container shipment of Doussie wood from Ghana, Capulet have the capacity to satisfy your detailed requirements. Even if you require a unique specification Capulet have all the equipment necessary to fulfil any requests.

Get in touch with our Team: Timber@Capulettrading.com

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