Shea Nuts

Capulet Trading offers only the highest quality Shea Nuts originating from Ghana. We take pride in offering our clients and partners Shea sourced ethically and responsibly only through sustainable programmes. We engage in a number of programmes that aim to support the communities and region in which the nuts are sourced.

The collection and processing of Shea in Ghana and across Africa has traditionally been carried out by women. For centuries Shea butter has been called ‘women’s gold’ as it primarily provides employment and income to millions of women across the country and continent. Many of these women have gone on to organise cooperatives which has created vast improvements in the lives of these rural women who in the past have often been marginalised.

It is estimated that up 350,000 MT of Shea is exported from West Africa annually. This includes Shea Nut, butter and fractions (stearin). The food sector remains the largest market in the world for Shea Butter. The food industry mainly processes the butter into stearin, a cocoa butter equivalent (CBE).

Further estimates suggest that globally 90% of all Shea exported from Africa is used in the food Industry. The remaining 10% is used in the cosmetics market with Shea butter being heralded for its superb emollient properties (softening the skin).

Capulet Trading is proud to offer Ghanaian Shea Nuts with the following specification:

Moisture Content: < 8%
FFA: < 8%
Impurities: < 0.5%
Oil Content: > 47%

(Packed in 80kg Jute Bags)

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