Capulet trading is pleased to offer the highest quality natural sesame seeds originating from Ghana. Sesame is historically grown in countries originating in Latin America and Asia. However, Africa currently accounts for roughly a third of global sesame production and contributes nearly 70% to the global trade of sesame. This market share is expected to grow as Africa continues to adopt increased technologically advanced methods in farming.

Capulet Trading sources its sesame seeds directly from mostly small-scale farmers, and cooperatives based in the rural areas of Ghana. Here the sesame seeds are harvested manually and de husked using the most traditional methods.

All batches of sesame seeds collected undergo on site testing before they are accepted and transported to one of our storage facilities. Here the sesame will undergo further testing procedures to ensure its quality before it is cleared. Once the common parameters have been fulfilled, and only then, are the seeds cleared for shipment.

Sesame Seed Specifications:

Colour: White/Light Brown (Mostly White seeds)
Purity: 99% Min
Moisture Content/Humidity: 6% Max
Oil Content: 51% Min
Admixture: 1% Max
FFA as Oleic: 2% Max

The type of packaging used for our seeds is by client request, however, we offer a range of standard packaging specifications i.e. 50kg, 80kg and 100kg PP Bags

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